Lesson from Ramayan (Kishkindha-Kand)


Ram reached to Rishyamuk Parvat where Sugriva was residing. An agreement between Ram and Sugriva has been done.

Let me try to explore here why Ram met with Sugriva? Why not Bali, even while knowing the fact that Bali was more powerful and was capable of killing Raavana alone. Here are a few of my analysis for the same.
  1. Both Ram and Sugriva were in the same situation, both were excluded from their Kingdome, both wives were abducted.
  2. We should have a pact with like-minded people and the pact is possible only when both parties need each other.
  3. Bali was more powerful and had his kingdom. And there was a chance that he may not agree to help Ram cause there was no benefit for him in this pact.
  4. The most important reason was that he already had an agreement with Raavana, and this may hamper the original project’s execution.
So as per my understanding these are the reasons Ram choose Sugriva over Bali.

Now as per agreement Ram had killed Bali and made Sugriva the King of Kishkindha. 

Once the King has been replaced, any existing pact between Bali and Raavana became null and void.

When Bali asked for the reason why he has been killed now Ram had the explanation/justification that he is still serving as the King of Awadh, and he had the responsibility to punish all ill-minded people.

As Sugriva became King, for a time being he forgets about his promise and started enjoying the luxury of being the King. Now Ram has to send someone to Sugriva to remind his promise and the pact they had. As per rule, he cannot enter any city or village with a reason because of his exile. For such a contingency plan, Ram brings Laxman to play, He sent Laxman to remind Sugriva of his promises. Finally, Sugriva recalled of his pact and apologized.

The search begins with the newly formed ally.

It was decided to send Vanara’s in all direction even though there was a hint that search may end in South. But to ensure that no stone was left unturned he sent Vannara’s in all direction.

Very intelligently Ram has created a group of most powerful and intelligent loyal and has Sents them towards South direction. Here is the brilliant point to be noticed, Put all your valuable resource in the right direction.

Some interesting point to be noted here. Ram has given a materialistic proof to this army so they could prove they were the followers and the army of Ram himself in case they found Sita. He handed his Mudrika to this team only for the same purpose.

Resource selection for this team was the best example of creating a team. He put Anged as lead, Hanuman, Jamwant, Nal, Neel and team member of this group.

Let us try to find the reason behind the selection of team members.
  1. Angad as Lead:
    1. He was Youraj of Kiskindha and he was next to King, When you have a King amongst you, you have to respect him and all his officials. As all the warriors are loyal to his king. So to ensure this Ram has designated Anged as the Team lead.
  2. Hanuman:
    1. He is the most powerful warrior of Sugriva Army, and Ram knew that he had to ensure that this team must be protected and motivated.
  3. Jamwant:
    1. A perfect combination of Power and Intelligence. He could guide this team and put the best suggestion on the team when required. He was senior most and Ram knew that no one would disobey him or his suggestions.
  4. Nal-Neel
    1. They were one of the best architect available at that moment and they were capable of creating temporary or permanent structure, bridge, machinery which could help this team to complete the task.
Now roaming around and searching for Sita this team reached to the bank of a sea, and they had no clue about how to carry on the search ahead. They decided to commit suicide here taken over by the griref of not being able to fuilfill what their prabhu had asked them to do.

When they started fasting to death and were fully demotivated. Ram introduces another planned resource “Sampati”.

Sampati was Brother of Jatayu. When he was all prepared to move ahead and feast on Vanara’s after their death, he eavesdropped to the conversation that was taking place between the Vanar sena and the army, about Jatayu.

As Jatayu was the brother of Sampati, he was surprised and confused about how they knew Jatayu. He went ahead and asked them followed by the whole story that was taking place.
Now let me try to find the reason why Jatayu has helped this group even when he was not related with the group.
  1. Releasing Jatayu was planned for this time only, sometimes you have to reach out to the other person through his emotions to seek help.
  2. The team had explained the release of Jatayu in such a way to Sampathi that he agreed to offer his help.
  3. Sampathi was a vulture and had very sharp eyesight. He was able to see Sita and updated this team by letting this team know that they are now near to target.
  4. The team was motivated and started looking for an option to meet Sita and arrange to send a message to Ram about this success.

Here Ram acted out very smartly, hereby submitting in to the fact that up and until now Hanuman was not aware of his power and now was the right time to introduce him to his hidden powers and his exceptional potential.

For this purpose, only Ram has sent Jamwant as a part of this group. Finally, hanuman got Motivated by the words of jamwant in the hour of need and realized his true power and his potential.

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