Lesson from Ramayan (Aranya-Kand)


Ram sensed that the place of their stay was now known to many people and Ayodhya is not far away from there, his devotees would start to visit frequently and that would completely ruin the meaning of exile, so he decided to move further deep in the Jungle and for the best guide of directions, he approached Maharishi Atri.

Ram met with Maharishi Atri while Sita went in with Sati Anushiya (Wife of Maharishi Atri). Anushiya gave Divine cloths and ornaments to Devi Sita. These ornament and cloth were so divine that they had the quality that prevented them from getting tattered or ripped and would never lose their shine.

Now, Ram started moving deep into the Jungle where he met Muni Shresth Sharbhang, yet another divine saint. 

And from here on, the actual execution of his project starts. First, he decided to kill all the devils who crossed his path along the journey that would lead to the killings of Raavana and made sure none of the evil forces he encountered would be able to add up to the army of Raavana during the war that was about to take place. Since Ram had promised to eradicate all the devil from earth restore harmony and peace.

Now notice the next resource planning of Ram.

He was aware that the promise he had made is not an easy one and he would need a lot of modern and powerful weapons.

Thinking about ways to tackle this, he then approached to Muni August who was known for his divine powers and had the utmost knowledge related to all-powerful weapons and that was exactly the need of the hour for Ram. Project Ram needed all the possible power and resource (man, tools weapon, mantra anything).

Ram requested August to train him and introduce him to all the tools and technology which would be required for successful execution of the project. August trained them and gifted a few of his very powerful weapons (Tool) to Ram and Laxman.

Muni August was aware about the reason of Ram’s visit, so he took the responsibility suggested them a place where they could live while directing them to Panchvati.

During his stay and on his way to Panchvati Ram met all the possible powerful and divine Muni and acquired the knowledge of tools, technology, weapons, mantra etc. He acquired all the possible tool and technology which may serve to him in his final execution of the project.

This is called upgrading and acquiring a tool, technology for the successful execution of the Project.
Now we are about to enter and learn about the final step for the execution of the main project.

Ram knew that Dandkaranyna van where Panchvati is situated was haunted by demons and devils and still, he decided live there.

Even after knowing the dangers of living their Ram decided against, it, so let us explore what could be the possible reason for the same.

Panchvati, which was surrounded by wild animals, first he needed to secure his resident from the wild, so he put his next resource Jatayu to use here. Jatayu, a very powerful vulture with a very sharp eye who could see from a high altitude and as per science we know when we are at a very high altitude our field of view is large and we can see a wide area at once. 

So, Jatayu has been onboard here as an expert of current environment/culture. He was responsible to alert and guard the house of Ram in Panchvati.

Till now Ram has accumulated all the tools, technology and resource required to fire up the execution. He needed to send the triggering message to Raavana and also a reason to start the war with Raavana. To do so, he now put to use another resource Surpankha, He beautifully placed her role with perfect timing.

Surpankha was a devil and had unholy motives but as this whole project was to end the rule of these evil forces, Ram did what he was meant to when the role of Surpankha came into play and cut her nose and ears. 

He knew that now the final war has begun, and actual execution has to be started. He could have killed Surpankha as he did with Tadka on the same ground, but he let her go to convey the message to Raavana and so are the events that followed this incident.

Ram ultimate target was getting rid of all Demons and Devils from the earth, so he did not kill Surpankha. 

Being far-sighted does serves you good. She reached her other connections and delivered the message about the incident which then led to a number of evils come forward in support of Surpankha and fight with Ram which ultimately resulted in their defeat and finally their death. Similarly, she reaches to her brother Khar-Dushan (brother of Ravana), and as the incidents followed he put up a good fight against ram.

Khar-Dushan was having a very large army and of the demon and it was not easy for Ram to kill them all at once. 

So to test his earned/gifted tools and techniques he decided to try one of them named Mohini, he used the Mohin Astra on Khar-Dushan army which created an illusion and confused them which led them to start a fight amongst themselves. 

Here, we encounter another beautiful skill of Ram. If you face trouble in dealing with the problem or enemy confuse them and they will vanish by self-destruction.

Finally, Khar-Dushan was killed, and Souparnika reaches to Raavana. She influences Raavana, by telling a made-up story about the actual incident that took place just to lure Raavana in for putting up a fight. 

She told him, that she went to abduct Sita for Raavana and due to this Laxman cut her nose (the half-truth of the made-up story). Raavana turned furious and decided to plot revenge by abducting Sita.

Ram knew what had to do next, he replaced one of the major resources of the project resource with similar look-alike, he replaces actual Sita with Shadow Sita. This is called shadowing in resource management when we just need a resource to be present.

Here, once again we see Ram collaborating with yet another resource to help him on his project. Mareech, who played a major role for the project to be started during the crucial phase. Ram diverted Laxam attention with the help of Mareech, giving an open window for Raavana to perform his role.

Raavana abducted Sita. As Ram has already placed a resource for the security of Panchvati, Jatayu set aboard for his role and Ram had to release this resource, he planned this to happen in a very gracious way. Jatayu release (death) was necessary here, you will see the justification of this when we will be introduced Sampati in Sundar Kand.

Till now we have seen Sita abducted and Jataayu has been hurt by Raavana.

When Ram came back after killing Mareech and noticed that Sita was not there. They started looking for Sita. In search of Sita, they saw a wounded Jatayu and had a word with him. Jatayu has handed over the information he had gathered (Handover-takeover / knowledge transfer before the release of resource). 

Once this act has been finished Jatayu has been released from the Project and awarded with Swarga Log for his efforts and contribution to the project.

Jatayu’s major role was to hand out the clue that Raavana took Sita and went towards South.
On the journey to search for Sita, he met with Kabandha who suggested Ram meet Sabri. Ram met Sabri.

Sabri was one of the well-wishers of Ram. The point to be noted here that even in the worst situation if you see any of your well-wishers nearby do meet them, you never know they may be of great help. Same happened with Ram here when he met Sabri.

Sabri suggested Ram to go and meet Sugriv who can help him with his ongoing search for Sita. Ram started on his search for Sugriv, following the words of Sabri.

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