Lesson form Ramayan (Sundar-Kand)


Now Hanuma departed for Lanka, on the way he killed two powerful demon-like Sursha, mayawi, who could be an obstruction when Ram would traid the same path to reach Sita.

Let try to see why Ram has chosen Hanuman for this purpose?
  1. Hanuman was the most powerful and intelligent warrior of Ram Army.
  2. Hanuman was fully dedicated to Ram.
  3. Only hanuman was capable to cross the sea and return.
  4. He could change his size (which was an asset to their army)
Hanuman was able to find Sita, he scanned the entire Lanka and gathered all the necessary and useful information which could help Ram to win the battle.

Hanuman also burned down Lanka to demotivate the enemy before the war, and somewhat disturb the confidence of the enemy.

Hanuman returns to Kiskindha with success and proof. By achieving this milestone the entire army was motivated.

Now once Ram got the information about Sita and her whereabouts they all set sail on their journey toward Lanka, They reached to Samundra and all came to a stop.

Here is a very interesting and beautifully planned incident as a Manager, by Ram.

Ram first prayed Samundar to show him the way to Lanka, but after a couple of days passed, with him praying without a response from Samundar, he got furious and then acting out as a typical Project Manager and doing the rightful thing he told Samundar dev that if he is not going to listen and do what was assigned to him, he will kick him out from his Project. 

Sometimes the Manager has to show his superiority and his authority to ensure that all the resources are aligned and working as planned.

Here is one more point to be noted that Ram did this in front of entire Vanar Sena, he could have called him personally and warned him, but he did openly. This was to let the rest of the team know that if they are not aligned, they will be kicked off.

When Samundar understands the concern and suggested that he will not be capable of doing what was asked Ram confronted him for an alternate solution. 

So as a project Manager when someone shows that he is not capable of doing what was asked we should include him in finding an alternate solution before releasing him. Ram did the exact same, He asked for the alternate solution of the crossing sea and noted down the suggestion of Samundar Dev.

Now Ram has his other resource already placed on the right place and at the right time.

You might have made a wild guess till now. Yes, I am talking about Vibhishan.

While all this was taking place, in a parallel run at another phase of the project, Ram’s resource was working at the background with Raavana to demoralized him and break him from within. But when Vibhishan Ji failed and Raavana got frustrated by him he had him thrown away from Lanka.

See the planning and plotting of Ram in the current scenario, Ram needed a resource who knew all about the enemy and who else could do this role other than Vibhishan. The only issue was, how to get that much needed resource form another project to his project, to make this happen Ram influenced the resource to have a disagreement with his current project manager and demoralized him, Ram knew that the other project manager is equally skilled and if he cannot pull the resource forcefully from that project, he played tactics. 

He influenced the resource to have conflict and get kicked off from the project. Once he is kicked off, he has a free hand to join the other Project. So Raavana got frustrated and he kicked of Vibhishan, and he joined the project of Ram and served as a much needed and a major resource for the same.

Vibhishan joined Ram Army and to ensure that he would not do the same act as he did with his previous manager Ram presented him with the offer to crown him King of Lanka. 

Now Vibhishana was to be crowned the King and was given an optimum return for his service he will do whatsoever he needs to and get the project done while staying loyal to the current project. So, Ram proposed and allotted the offer letter of Project Manager of Lanka to Vibhishan. This ensured that now Vibhishana would be a loyal team member of this group as now his interest and there is the success of Ram Project.

Let's move to Final phase of Ramayana Lanka Kand and explore the skill of Ram as a resource manager.

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