Lesson form Ramayan (Ayodhya Kand.)

 * सब कें उर अचभलाषु अस किचिं मिाइ मिेसु। आप अित जुबराज पद रामचि देउ िरेसु॥1॥ // सबके हृदय में ऐसी अचभलाषा िै और सब मिादेवजी को मिाकर (प्रार्थिा करके) किते िैं चक राजा अपिे जीते जी श्री रामिन्द्रजी को युवराज पद दे दें॥1॥ //

//With their heart blooming with love, everyone in ayodhya, prays to Dashratha to crown Ram the king//

After some time of this major event of marriage and celebration, King Dashrath decided to crown Ram as The King of Ayodhya. After discussions and getting feedback from his officers he declared Ram to be the next king of Ayodhya. When this message reached to Manthra, she influenced Kaikayee (Mother of Bharat) to force Dashrath and declare Bharat as King. Mata Kaikeya under the influence of Manthra asked King to fulfill the promise he made during Devasura Sangram when Kaikeyi saved his life.

मृदु बिि भूप चियँ सोकू। सचस कर िुअत चबकल चजचम कोकू॥2॥ भावार्थ:-तपखियों के वेष में चवशेष उदासीि भाव से (राज्य और कुटुम्ब आचद की ओर से भलीभाँचत उदासीि िोकर चवरक्त मुचियों की भाँचत) राम िौदि वषथ तक वि में चिवास करें। कैकेयी के कोमल (चविययुक्त) विि सुिकर राजा के हृदय में ऐसा शोक हुआ जैसे िन्द्रमा की चकरणों के स्पशथ से िकवा चवकल िो जाता िै॥2॥

//Dashrath was disheartened with the thought of fulfilling Kaikeyi wish to send ram for a 14 year exile. //

Following the words of Dashrath and his Dharma, Ram had to go to Jungle for 14 years of exile and Bharat to be crowned as the King of Ayodhya.

Here Ram executed another phase of his project smoothly with excellent resource planning. Let us understand how smartly he executed it all.

Ram went to Jungle along with his wife Sita and his brother Laxman. Ram was aware of the future events that would occur, so he smartly places the right resource at right time and at the right place. He left Awadh to ensure that Bharat took care of Ayodhya, as Bharat is known for his Dharm, and he was the next best-fit person who could take care of the Empire of Ayodhya and serve as the King. He also left Shatrughan with Bharat to support Bharat in all means. Now coming to the unnoticed secret behind why Ram took Sita as well as Laxman along with him.

As per rule of the wars and ethics all together you cannot declare war without a reason with anyone, and the war was the need of the hour with Raavana for his legal execution, so he took Sita along with him, who later on turned out to be the reason for the war. We will come back to this later on, at this point let us try to understand the skill of placing the best resource in your project at the right time.
Ram was aware of the fact that, by the blessings of Lord Brahma, Meghnath could only be killed by a man who is a Sanyasi and have not slept for 13 years, So Ram took Laxman with him, as only Laxman was the person who was capable to control his sleep and the only one who could fulfill these criteria and kill Meghnath.

Now when Ram left for his Vanwas, he first reached to his gurukul friend Nishad Raj Guh. Have you ever tried to understand why he reached to Nishad Raj Guh?

Let me try and explore his reasons and thinking.

Kingdom of Nishad Raj was adjacent to Awadh, and Ram wanted to secure Ayodhya in his absence. So Nishad Raj is the best person to whom he could confide in for the protection of Awadh in his absence and so he reached and spent a whole night in his Kingdom. This made Nishad Raj to oblige and he Promised to secure the boundary of Awadh.

Well, look at this little act from yet another point of view. Who can be the best person to protect your house other than your Neighbour in your absence, and by handing them the responsibility for the security of your home in your absence and you can rest assured to have your house safe.

Now the next question for Ram was where to stay for the long period of exile he was set on, and for that, he needs someone who had immense trust in him and would direct him to the best place to live. He approaches Valmiki, as Mahrishi Valmiki had the knowledge of the entire jungle and its happenings and in addition to it was well aware about RAM, his truthfulness and his Saga. He suggested Ram to stay in Citrakuta. Citrakuta was rich with all essentials which are required for a living and had an essence of a beautiful living environment.

At Chitraketu, tribes who were living in Forest helped Ram without a second thought, to create his Parn Kuti.
Now the story moves forward, while all the happenings and progress taking place at Citrakuta with Ram and his exile the situation in Ayodhya were a bit different. Since the exile happened in the absence of Bharat and Shatrughan. So, when Bharat came to know all that has happened, he straightaway went to Ram and pleaded him to come back and take the crown and be the Rightful King of Ayodhya as it should have been.

There is a very Heart-warming story of Ram-Bharat Milap in Ramayana, which we will discuss in further version of my analysis for sure. Now let's try to decode the management Skill.

behind this act of Ram which was yet another steppingstone to the path that would lead to the killings of Raavana.

When Bharat reached Citrakuta and asked him to return to Ayodhya. Ram has used yet another dimension of his skills to tackle this situation. He knew very well that Bharata was a slave of his emotions and had pure love and respect towards his elder brother.

Ram could not deny him directly, so he asked Raja Janak to step up and look for a solution to this little hurdle in his plan. Maharaj Janak proposed a win-win solution to Ram and Bharat where it was decided that Bharat would be the representative of Ram and Ram will remain the named King of Ayodhya.

Another very interesting point to note here is that Ram has accepted to be Actual King and Bharat as Representative, why would he do that, if being the king was a major reason that set him up for exile? A minute event related to this little act is justified by Bali vadh.

It was necessary for him to be a king to justify Bali Vadh as per the rules.
The Saga continues as Bharat returns to Ayodhya and take charge on behalf of Ram as King.

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