As all, you know that in this section (Kand), King Dashrath performs Putra Kamesthi Yagya. And with the success and the blessings of the Yagya, Ram, Bharat, Laxman and Satrughan were born.
After coming to a certain age and following the lifelong legacy and the defined rule of education the princes were sent to guru ashram for their initial study where they gained their knowledge about Veda, Purana, Upanishad, War Strategy, how to operate all war weapon (Astra-Shastra) and Art of living.
They returned to Ayodhya after the completion of their education and gaining optimum knowledge from their Guru.

After a few days of their return, Maharishi Vishwamitra came to Dashrath asking for Ram to help the saints and Rishi’s to defeat the Devil forces who invaded all the holy and religious activities, Yagya, Research work and their Dhyaan mudras which were hindered by the devil forces. Ram agreed to step up to help and along with his younger brother Laxman went with Maharishi to do what was asked and restore the peace and harmony in their holy environment.

Up and until now everything seemed normal, but here comes the (hidden and unnoticed) first resource management lesson form Ram
As per Ram’s/Lord Vishnu’s original plan to defeat the devil, Laxman has had to play a very critical role, so very intelligently he took the opportunity where he could abide by the words he gave to Maharishi Vishwamitra and offered him to help, he took Laxman along with him (the fight they had to put up against these disturbing forces to free the rishi’s and saints) to prepare him for what he was about to face next and for Laxman to get some exposure to the harsh environment of war.

Now moving ahead with our story. While roaming with Vishwamitra a story of Tadka Vadh comes to light. Now when Ram was asked to Kill Tadka by Vishwamitra, Ram seemed to have faced with some doubts in his mind, because as per the Rule of that era killing of Women was against the rule. Now see the beauty of intelligence and management skills of Ram, he presented the doubts about the killings of Tadka Infront Vishwamitra and asked for clarification. Like most of the rules, these rules were defined by Rishi, Maharishi, and Braahmrish. So, he did clear out the doubts of Rama by presenting to him about the exception to these rules.

So now comes next lesson behind this is when you are in doubt and don’t know what the next step should be, when you are lost, you should always seek advice from your superior, Guru or whoever holds more knowledge and wisdom for the same. Now in case, anyone raises the question you can defend and justify your actions. Indeed, Ram was capable of doing it all, but he sleeked the advice of his Guru for help. By this little act, he has not just sought his help, this was a gesture to show the respect he had for his Guru.

As when your superior is known and is valued you get most favor and help from them.
Let's move ahead with the story where we left off,

They killed Tadka, and saved all the Rishi, maharishi form devil forced and restored the safe environment so now, they could continue with their holy and religious practices, their research and other ongoing events.

* रघुबर उर जयमाल देखख देव बररसचिं सुमि। सकुिे सकल भुआल जिु चबलोचक रचब कुमुदगि॥264॥

After that, they went to Sita Swyamvar, and with the destined fate Ram got married to Sita, following which it came to light that the relationship extended even more and all the brothers of Ram got married to the cousins of sita, this was a spiritual bonding.

They celebrated the new bond and continued with their life joyfully with the newly formed family for a while.

Let's move to the next phase of Ram’s life, and from this phase, we would see most of the resource management tactics and techniques of Rama.

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