Another perspective of RAM (SHRI RAM)


Another perspective of RAM (SHRI RAM)


The saga of Ramayana might seem like just another ancient religious saga where the conclusion leads to the victory of good over evil, a Saga of the avatar and the killings of the devils to restore peace, humanity and protect the Dharma.

Ramayana is very special and complete book which has solution to all the problem which can be in you path, Its up to how do you see the book, if you read it form spirituality view its spiritual book which guide you how to do bhakti. 

if you read this book as framework of life it is framework of life. which give you a defined and very detailed step how to navigate to success using the farmwork.

if you look at it from a new state of mind, you might just discover a hidden message and read the great saga with a newly developed perspective.

In my writings, I, as a project manager have tried to write down the insights from my perspective, analyzing each and every move of Ram/Vishnu as a very smart manager who made the optimum use of his resources by placing them at the right place, at the right time and applying every possible trait and skills that are must as a manager to get the best of the team. And making them work in the most efficient way and marking the end of the project, which was originally to Kill Ravana without failure.

Here each and every incident of Ramayana has been analyzed as per my perspective, try and analyze them by wandering out of the box and coming to your own conclusion, you might just find yourself finding messages and lessons Hidden in each and every aspect of the great Saga of Ramayana.

I am starting a series of write-ups from a totally different perspective and will share a note on each chapter (Kandas) from Ram Charit Manas of Goswami Tulsidas and explore a totally different view.

Your support and comment are very much needed and will help keep me motivated for the writeup. Please don't forget to support me by subscribing and commenting, and please feel free to share with your network.

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