Sunday, August 14, 2011

Placing Google Adsense to your each post, (

Placing Google Adsense to your each post, (
When my Google Adesne approved, i had tried a lot of variation and did code alteration, so that my Adsense Ad appear in my each post. After doing a varity of code variation found a very simple way to implemet this.
To make this easy for all of you i am sharing my method with you all.
1. Get you adesnes code in any text editor, like Notepad.
2. Navigate to theme/<yourthema>/PostView.ascx
3. Edit the PostView.ascx
4. Find out the "PlaceHolder ID="BodyContent" runat="server" tag
5. Paste your Adsens Code just below this tag.(Please note that the script should after PlaceHolder tag and before the closing of div tag
6. Save the code. an dthat 's it.
Enjoy the injection of you Google Adsense Ad to your each post automatically,
Note: As this is an ASCX page you can download the page, edit on your local machine the upload to you site. No need to recompile and republish the entire site.
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