Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to get GPRS on windows Mobile

GPRS are most commom these days, but unfortunaltly getting GPRS on windows mobile is very tedeous. I get GPRS working on my Windows Mobile with very tedeous process.
To get the GPRS working on my phone i made a lot of call to customer care of my mobile operator, but they have no clear way to get it working on my moble, The setting send by mobile operator was not working and get discared.
So i decide to compile the step to get the GPRS working on my Windows Mobile with Vodafone India.
Here are the steps
1. Get GPRS activated on your SIM by calling the Customer Care.
2. Go to Start --> Setting
3. Tap the connections TAB.
4. Select Connection.
5. Select New Modem Connection.
6. Enter Name for connection.
7. Select a mode as Celllar line (GPRS)
8. Enter Access Point name www.
9. Click Finish.
10. Click Ok the OK to return banck to main screen.
11. Select Managemy Proxy Server.
12. Enter in the Proxy Sever Box.
13. Select Advance
14. Select HTTP and enter and port name 9201.
15. Enter and port name 9201 in WAP, Secure WAP, and SOCKS
16. Click OK.
17. Yoy are done.

Enjoy GPRS on you windows Mobile.
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