Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to get Offline Google Map on your mobile.

Here's a tutorial which will guide you that how to get Google Map Offline on you Java Enabled phone. This works in most of the SE phones which have Java MIDP 2.0. While writing i assume that you are already familiar with Installing games, applications and transferring files to your phone from the PC.

You Need:
A PC with internet connection.
Windows XP/Vista (not tried with others)
USB Chord of your SE phone.

Step 1:
You need the application of Mini-Google-Maps (mgmaps for short)


Choose "Stable (v1.3x)" and platform "Generic"
Click on [jar] as we are going to use SE mobile phones, [jad] file is not required. You will now be asked to save the file. Please save it on your desktop (makes things easier )

Step 2:
Now we need the map "tiles" which comprise the maps used by mgmaps.
To download these, and a custom area map, you need a tool called gMapMaker. (You need MS .NET Framework v2.0 to run gMapMaker)


Step 3:

Now we need to create a map file for a custom area.
Go here and use the tool to create a ".map" file. Save this to your desktop too.


1. Find the area that You want to get a map of.
2. Draw a line around the area that You want mapped, by placing markers around in sequence. A single click places a marker, a click on a marker removes it. It is also possible to drag markers around after they have been placed.
3. Specify zoom levels, map type, and detail level. WARNING: The maximum detail level can freeze Your browser for upto 5 minutes, depending on the complexity of the shape and other factors.
4. Press the "Generate!" button. Wait for the script to generate everything. As a side note, Mozilla Firefox does the processing much much faster than IE does.

Be careful and do not select a huge map size. Also select a modest zoom level. Level 17 is not needed, it will just clog up your memory.

Step 4:

Now open gMapMaker.
You should see something like this (the fields may differ)
In "operating mode" select "MGMaps mode use a .map file"
Click on "Go.." You will now be asked for the .map file which was saved on the desktop. Select it. gMapMaker will now download the tiles of your map. Please be patient, this can take a while.

Step 5:

A folder should be created in "C:/Program Files/gMapMaker"(Windows XP) Or "C:/Desktop" (Windows Vista)

It will contain another folder "MGMapsCache". Copy this to your memory card or phone memory (If it has enough space)

Step 6:

Now install the application "mgmaps.jar" in your mobile phone the usual way. Start the application. Go to menu->settings->map browsing
Mark the fields of "Stored Maps" and "Offline mode"
If your maps are inside the phone memory, Put the storage path as "C:/MGMapsCache", or if your maps are in the memory card put it as "E:/MGMapsCache". Select more->save
Restart the application. Press till it shows "Google Maps"
If it does not show even after pressing repeatedly, go to menu->settings->map types. Here you will find something as "Not Available(Google)" Select it and mark "Google Maps"
The maps should now be seen.
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