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How to debrand Sony Ericsson Z750a from AT&T to SE

How to debrand Sony Ericsson Z750a from AT&T to SE

If you have a sony ericsson Z750a from AT&T the probably you are not utilizing its great feature, like it has inbuilt GPS, which AT&T has disable, i don't know why AT&T has disable it as this is the main feature of this cell phone, and even i am surprised to see that Sony Ericsson also does not promote this feature. They not published it as a feature, they have only mentioned this feature of phone in there manual only, and that too in other feature section.....

Any way if you have the Sony Ericsson Z750a from AT&T, i will guide you the step how to debrand.
I have successfully done this fro my phone and got the GPS working great.
Please follows the step (on your own risk)
1. Download and install A2 Up loader and the USB flash drivers that come with it. Do a google search and you will find this.
2. if you have antivirus installed on you machine then they detect this as threat, this is because this software read the boot sector and other file of your cell phone. so temporarily disable the antivirus.
3. Download and install Sony Ericsson Update Service.
4. Use a text editor to create a file named customize_upgrade.xml
All it needs to contain is below – the generic CDA allows SEUS to recognize the phone and will upgrade. I used the 1206-7735 “Custom USA” CDA.

You can use A2_CDA_File_Generator to create this file, a good and recommended option to avoid any thing wrong. This tool is also available on net free.
5. Power off phone, remove battery and then replace it. Leave the phone powered off.
6. Connect the USB cable to the computer, but not the phone.
7. Execute A2 Uploader and select the File System tool
8. Hold down “C” on your phone and plug it into the computer (A2 uploader prompts you to do this).
After A2 Uploader accesses the file system, you can release “C”. Then browse to tpa\preset\custom directory and copy your new xml file there (drag and drop).

10. Quit the file system, then stop and exit A2 uploader and remove phone from computer cable.
Power on the phone to load the new CDA, then power off again.

11. Start up SEUS and browse for the Z750 phone and follow the instructions. You do not need to remove the battery again, but do need to hold down “C” before plugging phone into computer again. Release “C” when prompted and SEUS will do the rest.
Loading the new software takes about 20 minutes.

12. You have the original SE software with GPS activated in your phone.
13. To use GPS go to Location Service (Which was not present in AT&T version). and use Status Info to find you current position (Longitude, latitude) and use inbuilt google map to navigate.

Please not that this will void the warranty of you phone with AT&T. So do on you own risk though the success rate of debrading in near to 99%. i never fail.
Just be sure that you phone is 100% charged before following the debranding procedure.

By above mention step you can customize you phone according to you region/country with local language and capability.

Happy Programming.............

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